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© 2014 Art work studio dynasty Belyaev - Goncharov since 1830 Zhostovo trays

Production Zhostov metal trays was established at the beginning of the XIX century in Trinity parish ( now the Moscow region Mytishchi district ) . The main motive Zhostovo painting are flowers . Traditionally black background Zhostovo metal tray , the artist gets a colorful drawing of flowers of different colors: red, blue , green. At the edges of the tray depicted Zhostovo easy or complicated floral ornament . In our gift shop is a wide range of Zhostovo trays of various shapes and colors.


Zhostovo tray is a product of suburban folk art masters. Selecting a gift tray of Jostovo , you get a beautiful thing to be pleasing to the eye . This tray will decorate the house or fit for the table . In addition, the tray can be a wonderful souvenir for foreign visitors .

Souvenirs trays from Zhostovo