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Art workstudio dynasty Belyaev - Goncharov

Zhostovo decorative painting

Жостовская декоративная роспись

Zhostovo decorative painting is an original form of Russian folk art. For two centuries, many generations Zhostovo craftsmen developed distinctive scenic, compositional and performance techniques of flower painting on lacquer basis of forged metal trays.

Master class Zhostovo

Мастер класс в Жостово

We invite you to art workstudio dynasty Belyaev - Goncharov Zhostovo for training, workshop and drawing lessons for artistic and oil painting for beginners. The studio is located in the village of Zhostovo,. Mytishchi district, Moscow region.

Tea Boxes

Чайные коробки

Gift tea packaging is not just important - it is necessary for important gift, and unimportant gifts do not happen. Pack expensive tea, which would you choose as a present, in a beautiful, perfect for theme gift box the different colors you can at any moment. Green, red, white and yellow, and made of wood and painting in the modern zhostovo style, boxes for tea always fit and always perfectly complement your chosen gift.

Watercolor painting

Живопись акварелью

Painting watercolor paints. The basic quality of water - color transparency and airiness of the image. Watercolor is one of the most complicated painting techniques. The apparent simplicity and lightness of the drawing watercolor deceptive. Watercolor painting requires mastery of possession of a brush, skill vision of tone and color, knowledge of the laws of mixing colors and application of the paint layer on the canvas or paper.

Zhostovo forged trays

Жостовские кованые подносы

The main theme decorations zhostovo trays this bouquets of flowers, garlands, unique still lifes. Painting perform tricks free carpal smear, without the prior of the figure. The most commonly used is the black background. Volumes of flowers and leaves as it grows from the depths of the background. It is done by a gradual transition from dark tones to bright. In zhostovo painting flowers as if alive.

Zhostovo painting art

Искусство жостовской росписи

With us you can:

- Buy zhostovo trays

- Order the signature of the subject

- Learn how to paint with acrylic

- Learn how to paint with oil

- Choose a nice gift

- Buy brushes, paints

- Order a unique painting